Changing Lanes

Hey, I have a question. Why did we stop or did we? I had, for a long time. I can remember when I was younger around 14, I wanted to make $80,000 a year. I had it all planned out. Work a good job and save my money. So I worked and worked, and saved from time to time, but I didn't reach that goal. Notice I didn't say invest, I was comfortable with my job, worked a lot of hours and did what I thought was responsible, but I didn't get that $80,000. "Stuck in my lane", as the saying goes. Remember, the other saying that goes, "Stay in your lane" I believe it's no good reason one

no lane last forever so you can do two things stay in your lane or change lanes.

When you change lanes in life, it's a reason there is risk and if you do it you will be rewarded, but don't let PITFALLS AND POTHOLES STOP YOU FROM CHANGING LANES AND DOUBTING YOURSELF. GO FOR IT CAUSE IT'S YOUR TIME.

Oh yes, by changing lanes, I surpassed that $80,000 and continuing to do so every so often. Let's hear how you changed lanes in your life.

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