Let's look at how powerful this word is. Doubt is an action word, the first part of the word is do then the next letter is u after u comes the most important part, but which stands for believe through. Put the word together DO-U-B-T, "Do U Believe Though?"

Doubt has hurt people's ideas, dreams, goals, and wishes. Doubt is very powerful if you let it be; for instance, before we ventured on this journey to become the company we are, I had to bring and sell the ideas I had to my team. There were a lot of questions and I welcomed them. After I answered them and they became satisfied with that I was presenting to them we set off and after hitting some bumps in the road doubt CREPT IN AND PITFALLS AND POTHOLES CAME ABOUT. Only through perseverance we overcame our doubt. For instance, "Is this going to work out? Is this in demand? Is this something we can do? Why do we have to do this? I don't see any one else doing this, and the biggest one yet, ARE YOU SURE WE ARE NOT IN OVER OUR HEAD? "

Lots of sleepless nights, a lot of research, a lot of pressure, lots of faith and most importantly, and a lot of prayers. The courage to step out on a venture this size is NOT easy, but remember," WHAT'S EASY IS NOT WORTH ANYTHING AND WHAT'S WORTH SOMETHING WON'T BE EASY."

Don't let DOUBT stop you. It says do u believe through? and If you do, that's all that matters.

Let's hear how you stopped doubt and went ahead with your plans anyway....

Until next time,


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