DRIVE, what a word?. It's a teenager's favorite thing to look forward to when they first start to do it. Anytime you ask, "Can you DRIVE me here?" It's almost like a dream come true. DRIVE where? And after a few years, DRIVE is only exciting when it benefits that person. By the time you get into your 30's it's a chore. Same task, just a different perspective.

DRIVE it takes you places you wouldn't believe.

DRIVE is what's needed to move from one level to the next.

DRIVE is an effort

DRIVE will allow you to do what others won't.

DRIVE is lonely at times. Some will, some won't. Some do, some don't.

DRIVE is an option to many, but a priority to few.

This work week was very challenging for me. A situation was presented to me, I paused in awe on how a person with a high level occupation could demonstrate such irate behavior at work. The inner me was just shaking with fury. I used DRIVE to look pass the fury that built up inside me even after being told, "If you don't like it go back to where you came from." My focus is on Overdrive, always seeing the bigger picture.

Never stop DRIVING to succeed. Keep DRIVING even after you have arrived. Just remember the first feelings you had when you was told you could DRIVE and how good it felt to actually DRIVE!!!

Let's hear what makes you DRIVE.


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