Overloaded is self-explanatory. A lot of us feel this way, but we still try to carry whatever load it is whether it's work or family or just everyday life. Being OVERLOADED is no good. The strain it causes is definitely dangerous, for example, when you are OVERLOADED with work your stress level can cause a stroke, a heart attack, depression or even worse-suicide. Sometimes we OVERLOAD others just to get the weight of pressure off of ourselves. OVER, being a prefix, to another word, is no good; OVERWORKED, OVERTHINKING, OVERDUE, OVERWEIGHT, or OVERLOOKED.

It's a long race in life, but carry what you can handle and let the rest go. OVERLOADING YOURSELF OR OTHERS IS NO GOOD. Just remember what's the rush. Handle what you can and remember, never OVERLOAD yourself, tomorrow is coming-it will not stop. It will always be more to do and more to achieve.

Thanks for your time.


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