Shipping Reference Center

Freight Dimensions:

The most important factor in determining your freight rate is getting the accurate dimensions of your freight shipment. Dimensions are rounded to the nearest inch. If your freight dimensions are inaccurate, this may be costly to you. It is always good practice to double-check you measurements.

Get an Accurate Weight:

It is extremely important to get an accurate weight of your shipment for your freight rate.  Be sure to include packaging weight such as boxes, pallets or crates.  It is best to use an accurate shipping scale. Sometimes trucking companies re-weigh freight and if the weight is incorrect the rate will change.

Over-sized Items:

Over-sized items may be subject to a higher rate based on the space of the truck. Contact us with the length, width and weight of your package(s) to find out if your shipment is subject to these rates. We also offer custom quotes for non-standard shipments.

Very Large or Heavy Items:

For very large or heavy items, contact us to book your shipment and ensure the best rate.  We offer freight rates for shipments over 100 pounds.

Packaging Tips:

We recommend crating or palletizing all freight shipments due to potential movements in the truck while traveling.  Carriers often deny claims for damages due to improper packaging.  Please contact us to discuss your packaging needs.


Hankerson Transport ships all types of pallets:

Stringer pallets have a base made with 2×4 wood, plastic or metal “stringers”.

Block pallets have a base of individual blocks.